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About us 

The integration of IAMgreen, aims to find a sustainable alternative in horticulture, developing a local production, environmentally friendly and on a commercial scale for the great demand that have cities of first quality vegetables.

With the fundamental purpose of giving added value to the cultivation of vegetables through 3 areas; 
-First quality vegetables: high nutritional value, great flavor, and free of agrochemicals that threaten human health and the environment.

-Offering an uninterrupted supply of agricultural products: we eliminate the dependence to failures in production due to weather conditions, pests or forest fires.

-Reduce the ecological footprint of our production and distribution processes in 3 key areas: space, water footprint, and carbon footprint.

The arrival of new technologies such as high pressure aeroponics, opens the way to enter a true urban commercial production of vegetables that allows us to reduce the ecological footprint of the food demanded by the city and in turn create a new urban agro-industrial sector that allows the creation of new jobs for the growing population of cities.

Winners of Dow Cleantech Challenge Mexico 2018

Corporate Profile

Building the future of urban farming

Production and marketing of premium vegetables.



Producing under sustainable greenhouses agro-urban farming under the technique of aeroponics in high pressure and marketing to a local target market, where the quality in image, nutrition and flavor of food is valued.



Always looking for leadership in innovation of agricultural production processes based on:

• aeroponic technification and verticality in crops,

• climate control under greenhouse,

• efficiency in the use of resources,

• automation and crop monitoring,

• use of information technologies that allow us to optimize production,



With the aim of opening the way to true commercial urban agriculture.

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